Saturday, September 13, 2003

John Chrysostom (347 - 407)

His name means "golden mouthed" and he certainly lived up to that name!

Once a silver statue of the empress Eudoxia was erected near his cathedral. John Chrysostom quickly denounced the dedication ceremonies. He spoke against her in the following terms: "Again Herodias rages; again she is confounded; again she demands the head of John on a charger" (an allusion to the events surrounding the death of John the Baptist). As a result, John was once again banished.
Interestingly enough, St. John Chrysostom didn't worry about whether Eudoxia would be seen as a hero in the public eye when he challenged her. Many in our day would say St. John wasn't 'pastoral', but the Truth of the matter was that he acted as a shepherd in the truest sense!!! St. John spoke against the problem at hand and let God's will be done. Thus the difference in seeking to become a saint instead of a politician.
Lord raise up strong leaders in the Church to speak in and out of season, not afraid to suffer persecution for your name!

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