Saturday, September 20, 2003


On Saturday, Sept. 20th, the Parish of St. Maria Goretti, Pawtucket, RI, celebrated their 50th parish anniversary. After Mass, parishoners and priests gathered at a local banquet hall. Sounds good so far, BUT...RI CongressmanPatrick Kennedy , introuduced after a long list of his local 'accomplishments' were read, delivered a speech to all in attendance praising Catholic parish life. Patrick just made the news for calling the Vatican's statement against same sex unions bigotry and discrimnatory. Patrick just rejected the US Bishops plea for a consitutional amendment to define marriage between a man and woman. Patrick identifies himself as 'pro choice' (i.e. pro abortion / pro death). So, my question to all Catholics, especially the parish of St. Maria Goretti is this...WHOM WILL YOU SERVE? This two faced hypocrisy MUST stop in the Church. Where is the fortitude that the great martyrs (like the young St. Maria Goretti) of our Church exhibited to stand in the face of this hypocrisy? We certainly have heard the word 'scandal' used a lot in modern day...here's one more case where it applies. What a disgrace and scandal! AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD!

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