Friday, September 19, 2003


VOTF (Voice of the 'faithful') are back in action in Kingston, RI! VOTF will be meeting at Christ the King Parish Sept. 24th for a prayer service. Here’s part of the ad for the service: “We invite all those who seek a more caring, more open, more spirit-driven Church to join in the Prayer Service on Wednesday evening and pray for all those abused by those they trusted, pray for all priests who strive daily to care for the spiritual welfare of God's people, and pray for an openness on the part of all Church leaders to rebuild a safe, caring institution for all the baptized.”

SOUNDS NICE (Warm & Fuzzy) BUT…
This same group wasn’t so OPEN to a couple of RI Catholic men who challenged the dissension and outright heresy at some of VOTF’s previous meetings. Read the FULL STORY

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