Thursday, November 13, 2003

The DEADLY DUO's pro abortion buddy...Charlie!
M. Charles Bakst: Politicians, correspondence, and abortion
November 13, 2003
(in reference to the ban on the partial birth abortion)

"...I don't support this ban, which the Supreme Court is likely to quash. I applaud Democratic Sen. Jack Reed and Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee for opposing it. Reed subordinated his private, Catholic view that abortion is wrong. As a senator, he gives greater allegiance to the Constitution.His diligence draws flak such as a letter in The Providence Visitor, the diocesan newspaper, by the Very Rev. John Kiley, pastor of St. Leo the Great Church in Pawtucket. Father Kiley noted that Reed spoke at a Sept. 29 service at Immaculate Conception Church, then voted against the late-term abortion ban. He asks, "Am I the only one to see a problem here?"
As Father Kiley knows, the ecumenical service was to support National Guard troops and their sacrifices in Iraq. So why pick on Reed? "The Church is against all forms of abortion or infanticide, and Mr. Reed is a Catholic," the priest tells me. Reed says of the letter, "Everyone has a right to their opinion."

...I'm with Chafee, who says, "The women feel strongly that they should be able to make the decision in consultation with their doctor, and I support them."

I'm tired of it. I say: If you're a woman and want an abortion, that's your business. If you don't want one, don't have one. I don't see why we must beat ourselves up over this forever (Charles Bakst, Providence Journal columnist)."

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