Sunday, January 18, 2004

In football, NE might go to the superbowl...but on upholding the sanctity of life and being faithful Catholics, we never made the playoffs!

"The estimated Catholic population of the United States stands at 62.4 million, roughly 23 percent of the whole. Of the current 107th Congress, 150 members, or 28 percent, identify themselves as Roman Catholics (91 Democrats, 59 Republicans; 24 senators, 126 representatives). Proportionately, Rhode Island is the most populous Catholic state, at 64 percent; Massachusetts is next, at 49.2 percent. In absolute numbers, California, Texas, and New York boast the most Catholics and jointly account for a third of the national total...
...These facts ought to ensure a certain safety for Catholic teaching on the most critical social and moral issues of our time. Alas, they do not."

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