Friday, February 27, 2004


Above: one of the scenes that brought me to tears (yes, I cried!) I viewed the film yesterday and give it 2 Padre thumb's up!
It wasn't anti-semitic: Though religious leaders were responsible there were Jewish heroes as well: Simon of Cyrene, St. John, Mary, Mary Magdalene, etc...
It was violent: However, welcome to historical reality! The intense suffering and pain Jesus endured hopefully will help us understand how much of a sacrifice his passion and death truly was! Was the violence necessary for the film? Yes, we need to realize just how great Jesus' love was for each of us..he endured that much!
Final point: Tremenedous devotion to Blessed Mother present in film and great Eucharistic connection at time of Crucifixion (reality of Mass!).
To Those who still have problems with the film (Andy Rooney and the gang): take a good look at the figure in the background of the movie...Satan is present as in our day always trying to tempt people from the Truth...you choose whom you will serve!

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