Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Where did this guy go to seminary?
A further study needed on fasting and moral theology!

A recent Providence Journal article by none other than Mr. Liberal, Charles Baskt, shows the foolishness that is climaxing in the 'gay marriage' issue.

"Former Rep. Mike Pisaturo ('who is gay') pledges to fast for 30 days to build support for General Assembly passage of a same-sex marriage bill.
Pisaturo says he had experience with fasts and near-fasts when, in an earlier phase in his life, he spent three years studying to become a priest before changing course. Pisaturo says fasting raises personal awareness and helps people see their biases. If you want to fast, that's fine, he says, but in any case, he wants you to overcome biases that keep you from supporting the right of gay people to marry."

MY POINT: So much for humility and not letting others know you're fasting (Jesus). I suppose we can be thankful this guy 'changed course' and didn't become a priest!

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