Monday, March 15, 2004


I thought I would share with all of you a tradition I began last year. I have decided to kindle the Easter Vigil fire with various newspapers that are anti-Catholic or 'Catholic in name only'. So far, I have 3 participants: The Providence Journal (loves to bash the Church: cartoons, editorials and of course their columnists: see Charles Baskt, Pawtucket Times: the infamous Tele-Times is a call in, leave no name, and often bashes Christians or the Catholic Church in that section, and last but not least, the Providence Visitor: our lovely diocesan 'Catholic' newspaper which really stepped up to bat this past month with its March 4th edition bashing the Passion film on the front page. (Of course, I will cut out George Weigel's column and the 'Quiet Corner', Fr. Kiley's beacon of light within the darkness).
RECOMMEND ANY OTHER PAPERS? How about the NCR(reporter)?

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