Sunday, March 28, 2004

PRO LIFE WITNESS: Praying outside abortion mill

The following post is part of a letter written by Mr. Larry Burns, who witnesses to life with fellow Catholics from Westerly.
"The driver...parked in front, by the sidewalk, and motioned for us to come over. She rolled down her window and told us her story. Eight years ago she became pregnant, even after having a tubal ligation. Because she had diabetes her pregnancy was considered to be high risk and her doctors and others had convinced her to have an abortion. On the day she was to have the "procedure" at the hospital she drove by the abortion mill in Cranston (RI)and saw the signs and people praying out front and knew she couldn't go through with it. She turned around and went home. She had always wanted to stop by afterwards and thank the people praying out in front of the mill for saving her baby’s life, but for some reason she never did. Last night she was in the emergency room at the hospital with her daughter who was ill. All night she prayed to God, thanking Him because her daughter was going to be OK, and at one point she knew she had to stop by the abortion mill on her way home and thank the people who were praying on that sidewalk eight years ago.
So this morning, in the back seat of that small blue car, we met an eight year-old girl who made us forget the cold and rain for a moment, and reminded us why we were there, and ultimately, who is in charge. Praise God!
Larry Burns, Westerly, RI.

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