Friday, March 26, 2004


"Washington -- The Senate, narrowly rejecting an amendment by California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein that focused on abortion rights, approved a bill Thursday that would make it a separate offense to harm a fetus during an attack against a pregnant woman."

Feinstein spoke the fetus as a child and referred to the individuals who commit crimes v pregnant women as "animals." She said, 'I want to throw the book at those guys, give them the death penalty ... but once in a statute you create a fertilized egg as a human being with specific rights, the march to eliminate Roe vs. Wade is under way.''

She calls the fetus a child, she wants to punish the 'animals' that commit the crimes, (so far so good), BUT she and others still can't give the unborn protective rights (see them as a 2nd victim)! These pro aborts are the real 'animals'! Why don't they work to punish the 'animals' they call, colleagues, that either perform the abortions or vote for laws that make it possible to destroy innocent life.
New Englanders, have no fear, our CINO's (Catholic in name only) voted for Feinstein's amendment (which doesn't recognize a 2nd victim in one of these heinous crimes). Reed and Chafee (RI) and Kerry and Kennedy (Ma) all voted pro abortion once again! The good news is that Feinstein's amendment was rejected and Bush is expected to sign the Unborn Victims of Violence Act!

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