Thursday, April 22, 2004


"On April 25, Washington, D.C. will be the venue of the March for Women’s Lives, a pro-abortion event. The day before the march there will be a rally in front of the Vatican embassy. This event is being organized by Frances Kissling of Catholics for a Free Choice.
Jewish organizations comprise 54 percent of the co-sponsors; Unitarian Universalist groups constitute another 16 percent. On the other hand, support has come from the Episcopal Church, USA; the United Church of Christ; Presbyterian Church USA; and the United Methodist Church. We hope all Catholics take note of who their friends are...
Daniel Maguire, a professor at a Catholic university (Marquette), says abortion can even be understood as ‘a holy choice, a sacred choice’; he plans to march."

PADRE POINT: If it is a march for women's lives, why are they advocating the slaughter of the females in the wombs...those precious lives are the ones threatened! TAKE NOTE WHO MARCHES & SPEAKS AT THIS EVENT!

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