Friday, May 28, 2004

"THANK YOU BISHOP McMANUS", is the proper response!
"Catholics, especially public officials, who willingly and with approval facilitate the legal sanctioning of same-sex unions are involving themselves in cooperation with evil," McManus wrote

"Worcester City Clerk David Rushford, himself Catholic, who issued licenses to same-sex couples when it became legal for them to marry in Massachusetts on May 17...'told the Telegram & Gazette that he was "shaken" by the letter."
Rushford said he was upholding Catholic teachings of inclusivity.

"In my 49 years of being a Roman Catholic, no one has ever accused me of cooperating with evil," he said. ARTICLE

PADRE POINT: LIKE I SAID, Mr. Rushford should thank BISHOP McMANUS for making him aware that he is cooperating with evil...now he can repent and avoid Hell. A SHEPHERD CARING FOR HIS SHEEP, EVEN THE LOST ONES!!!

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