Monday, September 20, 2004

George Weigel: on the "dramatic confusion in some Catholics’ minds about the Church and its place in a Catholic’s life."
"...Thus when Rhode Island Congressman Jim Langevin says, of the recent debate over Catholic politicians and their position in the Church, “I’m very comfortable with my status, and quite frankly, my relationship with God is direct and personal and the Church is merely a guest in that relationship,” he sounds like an untutored Baptist, not a Catholic. No Catholic who understands the symphonic nature of the truth of Catholic faith can say that the Church is “merely a guest” in his or her relationship with God. If the Church — the body — is “merely a guest,” then what is Christ, the head of the body? Another guest?"
Article at http://catholicexchange.com/vm/index.asp?vm_id=1&art_id=25279

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