Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Courageous Catholic Seminarians denied access to Kerry rally
"Last evening a group of seminarians dressed in clerical attire and the sweatshirts you see to the left, and laity gathered to offer a pro-life witness at the Kerry/Edwards Debate Watch Party and Rally held at the America's Center downtown St. Louis.
The group, which was about 25 in number, gathered at 5:30 pm for prayer and instructions, after that we walked to the America's Center while praying the Stations of the Cross. When we arrived we got in line to enter the event like everyone else. Two of us carried two bags containing signs for the whole group to hold. We (the two of us with the signs) were immediately confronted by some "Firemen for Kerry" who were providing security for the event. They informed us that we would be unable to take the signs into the event..."

PADRE POINT: Kerry, they are your fellow Catholic brothers....I mean you were even an altar boy...so what was the problem? TRUE COLORS REVEALED by KERRY CAMPAIGN!

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