Thursday, October 07, 2004

Kerry the loyal 'catholic'....NOT!!!
(I liked M. J. Fox was more tolerable as 'Alex', the family Republican on Family Ties!)
"The hard truth is that when it comes to stem-cell research, this president is making the wrong choice to sacrifice science for extreme right-wing ideology, and that's unacceptable,'' Kerry said during an emotion-filled appearance at Winnacunnet High School, where he was joined by actor Michael J. Fox and others who have diseases they believe may be cured if there is expanded stem-cell research. "The fact is that the majority of the American people support stem-cell research, and it's high time we had a president of the United States who does too.''
He added: "It tells a story about how he makes decisions. It tells a story about how he sees the world. It tells a story about the choices that we face in this election, and why this election is so important to America.''

PS) I wonder who else has extreme right-wing ideology? (what a loyal 'catholic' Johnny boy is!)

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