Sunday, October 31, 2004

MY LETTER v. KERRY to Providence Journal (hopefully to be printed)
"Curt Schilling was brought to Boston to deliver a World Series Championship. He has completed that mission! However, Curt Schilling is also right on the money with his most recent pitch. He said the following, 'These past couple of weeks, Sox fans ... trusted me when it was my turn on the mound…now you can trust me on this: President Bush is the right leader for our country (Boston Globe AP, Oct. 31, 2004).” Some may say Curt should stick to baseball and perhaps I, as a priest, should stick to Theology. Yet, every one of us should have a great interest in this election. Over 4000 unborn babies are aborted daily in our country while the very foundation of marriage and family is continuously threatened. Sen. John Kerry, endorsed by Planned Parenthood (leading abortion provider), has made it clear that he will work to promote and support abortion on demand. President Bush is not perfect but he does value the life of the unborn, as well as, the sanctity of marriage. There are many issues that voter’s need to examine but the very right to life and existence must be the number one issue. Without the right to live and exist, whether in the womb or not, no other issue begins to make sense. All other issues simply improve the lives we already possess. This Tuesday, may all of us, whether we are a Red Sox pitcher or not, vote for life and work to rebuild a culture of life."
Rev. John A. Sistare

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