Sunday, October 10, 2004

An Open Letter to John Kerry By Raymond Flynn

(in the NEW YORK TIMES Sunday Oct. 10th)
The John Kerry for President Web site proclaims that Senator Kerry “will only nominate individuals to the federal bench whose records demonstrate ... the right to choose”. Removing political correctness from that statement, Senator Kerry, you have announced that you will only support people to the Federal Judiciary who support killing unborn children.
Yet, the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops mandates that:
“the killing of an unborn child is alwaysintrinsically evil and can never be justified”. . . and that those “who formulate laws . . .have an obligation in conscience to work towardcorrecting morally defective laws, lest they beguilty of cooperating in evil and in sinningagainst the common good”.
Senator Kerry, two of the most capable lawyers that we know — who are also Catholics faithful to the Bishops’ pro-life mandate — are Harvard Law Professor Mary Ann Glendon and noted attorney Philip Moran. Your litmus test would bar these and many other highly qualified people from the judiciary. Why do you, Senator Kerry, have a “litmus test” for judicial candidates that discriminates against Faithful Catholics?
This letter is not on behalf of or in opposition to your candidacy, but I am asking you to announce today that you will not impose any abortion litmus test on candidates for the Federal Judiciary ... especially those who are Faithful Catholics.
Signed,Raymond Flynn

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