Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Rev. John Kiley, author of the Quiet Corner (Prov. Visitor)
replies to Prof. Morgan's article...
"Protestants err when they reduce Christian tradition to the written word of the Bible. Professor Vance G. Morgan of Providence College errs even more grievously when he reduces Christian tradition to eight sentences in that Bible (Letters, 11/9/04, Jesus a Republican?). Professor Morgan underrates the insight of the Christian community when he condenses their objections to a liberal administration to issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. Thinking Christians know that abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, embryonic stem cell research, and cloning are but the heralds of more blatant immorality to come. Rather than endure the further ravages of relativism that have led society to the culture of death pervading it today, Christian voters and others of good will decided to hold the line and affirm a culture that protects life in its most vulnerable forms (abortion, euthanasia) while not neglecting life in its more complicated forms (justice, economics). The compassionate Jesus of the Beatitudes who blesses the meek from the mountainside is the same uncompromising Jesus who challenges the faithful to face tough decisions in every day life. “You think I have come for peace? I have not come for peace but for division.” Thinking voters, Christian or not, recognize that the dividing line has been reached and society will cross it at its peril.

The Reverend John A. Kiley

PADRE POINT: Though we are not assigned to the same parish anymore, FrKiley and I can still combat the foolishness out there together! Keep fighting the good fight Fr. Kiley!!!

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