Wednesday, December 08, 2004

OK...DEEP BREATHE, COUNT TO 10...Nope, that didn't work!
A Brief, Liberal, Catholic Defense of Abortion, authors Daniel Dombrowski and Robert Deltete present themselves as Catholics. They are both professors of philosophy at Seattle University, a Jesuit institution.
"The authors make a sharp distinction between the unborn child being "merely human" (i.e., having human parents and genes) and being "a human person in some morally relevant sense." Their most striking and pervasive analogy in support of this distinction is the one between an unborn child and vegetation, as when they say, "The early fetus is obviously alive, as is grass."
"...It is unclear to us, however, why killing a nonsentient being is rash or precipitous. We do it all the time with equanimity when we mow the grass."

PADRE POINT: My only question is whether Dombrowski and Deltete are human or vegetables? Maybe there will be a lawnmower waiting for them on judgement day!!!
You have to love the people the Jesuits find to teach in their Universities!!!

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