Monday, January 31, 2005

DIOCESE of BUFFALO responds to Canisius College allowing H. Clinton to speak: NO BIG SURPRISE HERE!
"...It is for that reason, despite calls for the cancellation of the event, that it was thought best to allow it to proceed, though reluctantly, in order to maintain channels of communciation with Senator Clinton and others who hold her views. In regard to Senator Clinton, I believe she will be well aware of the depth of our beliefs on life issues in this very Catholic region of New York State. We trust that she will respect and be sensitive to those sentiments. We hope and pray for the understanding of our community of faith and that the outcome will be a positive one"
--Most Rev. Edward U. Kmiec, Bishop of Buffalo, January 28, 2005

PADRE POINT: True Shepherds don't let the wolf into the pasture to harm the sheep!

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