Saturday, January 22, 2005

Mary Ann Sorrentino's article in Journal: MORE LIES!!!
"Bring to mind the face of a woman you know and love, or knew and cared for, or perhaps a woman you once were yourself. Now picture that woman as she was when she faced the terror of having no safe and legal choices.
Picture her terrified.
Picture her hemorrhaging.
Picture her dead.
If you are under 40, speak to a woman over 60 and ask her to tell you what it was like.
Then pledge to do whatever you can to make sure we never return to such dark and horrific times."

Picture the baby terrified
Picture the baby torn limb from limb
Picture the baby dead
Picture the women at the 'SILENT NO MORE' Rally this Monday in DC.
Those are the women who have had abortions but are speaking about the lies of abortion and how abortion has damaged their lives. Listen to those women of TRUTH before you buy the LIES of Sorrentino!

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