Thursday, January 27, 2005

A TRUE LEADER & TEACHER: I nominate Fr. KILEY for BISHOP..or at least a Monsignor!
Fr. Kiley sets the record straight on the Washing of Feet on Holy Thursday.

"...The sacramentary for Holy Thursday clearly reads in Latin that the feet of viri selecti, i.e., "selected men" are to be washed. Had the Latin read homines instead of viri, one might argue that the text was generically referring to human beings - man in the widest sense. But viri would seem to be a specific word on the part of the ritualists composing the rite. Our English words virile and virility, which clearly have a masculine bent, are derived from the Latin word vir....
Of course, this is a re-enactment of the Last Supper scene. It takes place on Holy Thursday, at a Mass entitled "The Lord's Supper." It is the priest celebrant, the one about to act "in the person of Christ," who does the washing. The priest removes his chausable as Christ removed his outer garment. The Gospel passage read does not highlight generic charity or community camaraderie. Rather, it clearly depicts the self-effacing humility of the Master before his disciples. The action of Christ himself is the clear focus of this ceremony. There is no mention of any interaction among the disciples. "

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