Monday, February 21, 2005

Raymond Arroyo, (February 11 EWTN broadcast of the news program, World Over Live), questioned the Vatican Cardinal saying: “Last year, you were asked at a press conference whether a politician, a Catholic politician who supports abortion publicly, should be permitted to the Communion rail, should be permitted to receive Communion publicly. What is your response to that?”
Cardinal Arinze responded, “The answer is clear. If a person says I am in favor of killing unborn babies whether they be four thousand or five thousand, I have been in favor of killing them. I will be in favor of killing them tomorrow and next week and next year. So, unborn babies, too bad for you. I am in favor that you should be killed, then the person turn around and say I want to receive Holy Communion. Do you need any Cardinal from the Vatican to answer that?" Laughing, Arroyo responded, “It should be pretty transparent.” To which the Cardinal concluded, “Simple, ask the children for First Communion, they'll give you the answer.”

PADRE POINT: "...ask the children for First Communion"....while we are asking, let's ask them about the same pro abortion politicians being allowed to speak in Catholic schools! Maybe some of these 1st commuion children will be our future Shepherds, protecting the flock, rather than letting them be slaughtered!

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