Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fr. Mike McMahon's letter to editor of Providence Visitor
"...Most notably, I find Father Brassard's statement "the ritual act of liturgy is rich in possibility and the church generously affords a great latitude of freedom in the celebration of her ritual acts to meet the needs of each gathered assembly," to be confusing and misleading (The Visitor, Feb. 10). In what specific instances does the church afford great latitude of the celebration of her ritual acts? Is this a sophisticated way of asserting that priests have suddenly gained complete creative control over the liturgy, beyond the norms of the universal church? The debate concerning the washing of women's feet evokes strong emotional reactions on both sides of the liturgical spectrum...I do not claim to be a liturgist, but is it not more important for celebrants to be theologically correct than politically correct, within the context of the Mass? Like it or not, Jesus washed the feet of his male apostles, he did not wash the feet of the Blessed Mother nor Mary Magdalene. This argument may appear rigid, non-inclusive and unappealing to the liturgical modernists, but are we not called to be faithful to what the church has given us?" (Full article: letters Feb. 24)

PADRE POINT: Refreshing to see a newly ordained priest make his voice heard!!! Keep 'fighting the good fight!'

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