Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Pope’s new book “Memory and Identity: Conversations Between Millenniums”
will be in print in Italy, Feb. 23..translations to soon follow.

PREVIEW: John Paul II compares legislation permitting abortion with the Holocaust, Nazi Germany’s murder of 6 million Jews during World War II...
"It was a legally elected parliament,” the Pope writes according to excerpts quoted by AP, “which allowed for the election of Hitler in Germany in the 1930s and then the same Reichstag that gave Hitler powers which paved a way for the political invasion of Europe, for the creation of concentration camps and for introducing the so-called 'final solution' of the Jewish question, which meant the extermination of millions of sons and daughters of Israel." The pope continued, "We have to question the legal regulations that have been decided in the parliaments of present day democracies. The most direct association which comes to mind is the abortion laws. ... Parliaments which create and promulgate such laws must be aware that they are transgressing their powers and remain in open conflict with the law of God and the law of nature."

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