Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Providence Visitor: CENSORSHIP

Thought it would be nice for subscribers of the 'Catholic' diocesan paper of Providence to be aware of the censorship that goes on. Recently, Fr. Kiley's Quiet Corner, defending the tradition of washing men's feet on Holy Thursday, provoked a response by a priest in a letter to the editor, accusing Fr. Kiley of having an agenda. 2 letters in response to this priest were sent (one by a newly ordained priest and the other by myself). However, only the first will be published because as a Visitor staff member told me, "how much beating can one guy take?" Sounds sweet yet when the critics declare open season on Fr. Kiley, several letters are published week after week. Double standard?
PADRE (Fr. Kiley) POINT: "Father Sistare's letter made excellent, technical points giving document names and dates to clarify an issue on which the whole diocese has been mislead for 10 years (editor note: 10 years in reference to the original article by David Philippart, who is discussed in the Quiet Corner article) . Publishing his letter would have been a public service. Subjective arguments toward me are given prime placement. Objective defense of the truth is tossed in the basket (Fr. John Kiley)."

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