Saturday, February 12, 2005

Rev. Raymond F. Collins Prof at The Catholic University of AmericaWashington, D.C.
& Priest of Diocese of Providence upset with local Catholic paper, Providence Visitor:

"By publishing Cheney's picture against a background that highlights The Catholic University of America, you have given the readers of the Visitor the impression that the Diocese of Providence, along with The Catholic University of America, supports the political agenda of the current administration, whose main achievements have been and continue to be tens of thousands of deaths in Iraq and generous tax cuts for the very wealthy. This is truly a scandal of major magnitude."

PADRE POINT: War is not an intrinsic evil but can be justified nor are tax cuts intrinsically evil...HOWEVER, the destruction of innocent pre born life which the following Senators and Congressmen support is INTRINSICALLY EVIL:

Patrick Kennedy (RI, D): spoke at St. Maria Goretti anniversary banquet, received honor at Salve Regina in Newport and recently had photo in Visitor with Catholic priest.
Jack Reed (RI, D): spoke at Immaculate Conception in Cranston, RI
Lincoln Chafee (RI, R: might as well be D): spoke at Mother Ann Seton elementary school
Hilary Clinton: (NY, D): spoke at Canisius College (Jesuit).

The list could go on and on but several examples of greater scandal:
pro abortion politicians speaking on Catholic property...

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