Thursday, February 24, 2005

Rev. Richard Bucci direct and to the point w/ Providence Visitor!

"Reading your editorial page of Feb. 10 brought me back to the writings of H.G. Wells! His time machine must have landed in your offices with the year 1968! That was before Roe vs. Wade in the heyday of the Great Society - when God was a Democrat and every priest was one too!Father Raymond F. Collins is banging the same old drum that has served him so well - out of parish life. In the cause of justice and full disclosure, perhaps he should have mentioned that Father David W. O'Connell dismissed him from his former position as chairman of the entire theology department at The Catholic University of America. I am trying to nexus his condemnation of Georgetown University's welcome for Billy Clinton after Clinton invaded Kosovo (without the United Nations), bombed an aspirin factory in Sudan while ignoring the enslavement of black Christians there and expanded abortion coverage and availability. O Tempora, O, Mores!" READ FULL LETTER HERE

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