Thursday, February 17, 2005

Senator Chafee visits Bishop McVinney School in Providence

"Senator Chafee (R) recently (Feb. 6) spoke with 7th grade students at Bishop McVinney School in Providence, as part of Catholic Schools Week. He discussed American government, public service, and his work as a U.S. Senator."

PADRE POINT: If you would like to see HIS WORK AS A SENATOR be sure to visit the following site illustrating how he has helped to destroy innocent unborn lives! This is another perfect example how silence is allowing unborn children to be destroyed and elementary children to be led astray....AN OUTRIGHT SCANDAL TO LET THE PRO ABORTION SENATOR SPEAK IN A CATHOLIC SCHOOL!!!
A SIDE NOTE: Feb. 17th edition of the Providence Visitor displayed a photo of the Senator speaking to the children, ADDING TO THE SCANDAL!!! (the Visitor's on a roll, last week Congressman Kennedy with a priest, this week Chafee in a school, is REED in next week's issue?)

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