Thursday, March 10, 2005

Archbishop Timothy Dolan gets 'back to basics' with the clergy of Providence!

Archbishop Dolan, former rector of the North American College, was the key note speaker at the Diocese of Providence, Priest Study Day, March 9th. Having been formed by Archbishop Dolan in my 5 years at the North American College, I listened with pride and joy as the Archbishop challenged us all to sanctity by reflecting on 'simplicity, silence & sincerity.' The Archbishop, with a great sense of humor and personal experience, spoke on the need for all of us to love the Church. 'Christ and the Church are a package deal' he reminded us. If you've never read/heard Archbishop Dolan, may I suggest reading his book, Priests for the Third Millenium. Ad Multos Gloriosque Annos Archbishop Dolan...as you served all of us at the NAC so well, so yesterday you did the same for the clergy of Providence...Mille Grazie!

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