Wednesday, March 02, 2005


"... it is being reported today that if the producers can come up with the cash, they will bring “Jerry Springer: The Opera” to Broadway in spring 2006.

What others have said about this show:
"The opera "contains up to 8,000 profanities and features tap-dancers dressed as Ku Klux Klan members and a showdown between Satan and a diaper-wearing Jesus..(MSNBC News 1/7/05)."
The show features "a semi-naked 'gay' Jesus" who is "being fondled by a dishevelled Eve, as the Devil looks gleefully on with an inebriated Adam." Also, "the Virgin Mary turns up to talk about her trials as the mother of a wayward saviour, amid a blitz of four-letter words." The show ends with Springer telling Jesus to "grow up for Christ's sake and put some f#%*# clothes on (Sunday Telegraph, 1-9-05) ."

PADRE POINT: There is indeed a spiritual war at hand...get ready to fight the good fight!
If you want a glimpse of what Hell looks like...visit the "Jerry Springer Opera" site.

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