Friday, March 04, 2005

Fr. Bryce Sibley: WOW...now that's 'Not So Quiet'

(Below is a post from Fr. Sibley's site...a recent teaching experience he had)

"This morning Fr. Sibley went to visit the fourth grade class at the local Catholic Grade School to allow them to ask me questions. During our little session one child asked Fr. Sibley, "Father, why can't kids at public schools pray in class?" Fr. Sibley realized that this was a perfect moment for evangelization, so he walked to the chalkboard and told the kids that he would answer the question and teach them a new word. So I wrote in capital letters on the chalkboard:
Fr. Sibley then asked them to repeat the word outloud together: "LIBERALS!" they proclaimed. Fr. Sibley then explained how it was the liberals who want to take prayer and God out of schools and out of our country. Fr. Sibley then asked these fourth graders what liberals were, to which they exclaimed in unison: "LIBERALS ARE BAD!" Fr. Sibley told them that they were right, and even though they didn't fully understand what liberals were, that they should never forget that they were bad. Fr. Sibley then asked them what they were going to tell their parents this afternoon when they asked them what they learned at school, they all gleefully responded: "LIBERALS ARE BAD!"
Out of the mouth of babes..."

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