Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Fr. Frank Pavone to form a new community: Missionaries of the Gospel of Life
"Bishop Yanta, who has served on the Priests for Life Episcopal Board of Advisors since 1998, and who has been particularly devoted to the pro-life cause throughout his priesthood, has already offered several buildings in his diocese that will serve as the center for the new apostolate. "I am excited about supporting Fr. Pavone in venturing forth, with and through the Holy Spirit, in the establishment of a Society of Apostolic Life for priests and seminarians dedicated to pro-life ministry - an immense need at this time in history," said Bishop Yanta today. "The Lord has provided several vacant buildings that once served as a Christian Brothers High School with boarding facilities, a chapel, gym, and spacious grounds. The Diocese of Amarillo is happy to make these available (at no cost) to Priests for Life and the proposed Society of Apostolic Life."This society of apostolic life, while drawing on the spirit and mission of the Priests for Life organization, will be a completely separate entity, known as Missionaries of the Gospel of Life

PADRE POINT: hmm...100% full time pro life work, a chapel, Texas (good foood) and a GYM!!! Sounds good to me!

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