Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A friend says it best about (Million Dollar Baby) Journal article below...
"An allegory is always employed to convey a moral point of view, which is why all classic allegories – like Aesop’s fables – end with “and the moral of the story is …” To work effectively, an allegory can never be of greater substance than the moral it is conveying.

Thus, it is absurd for Wyatt to contend that in Million Dollar Baby, the storyteller – Eastwood – is using the allegory of euthanasia to make a larger point about the (satire alert) universal and thorny moral dilemma of having to put down one’s prize race horse.

At any rate, Wyatt reveals himself near the beginning of his piece, when he employs the term “religious right.” (Mark Gordon: Westerly, RI)

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