Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Million Dollar...HORSE?
Today's Providence Journal featured one of the most ridiculous articles to date...William Wyatt (professor or classics emeritus at Brown University), compares the trainor and fighter in Million Dollar Baby to a cowboy putting down his horse (fily).

"... I think that the alert reader will realize that this is an allegory of a cowboy and his horse, whom he loves and trains, and who, after winning a number of contests, stumbles in the big show and has to be put down. The cowboy then rides sadly off into the sunset.
I present here the original plot and characters: A rootless man, a cowboy with an ill-defined past, notices a neglected filly on the ranch, and takes an interest in her. He trains her, brings her along, and enters her in a number of races. The filly is unexpectedly good and wins her contests, developing a considerable following as she does.
....She falls, and injures her leg. We hope that the horse can be saved, and the cowboy tries to save her, but her leg has been broken, and in the end he recognizes that the case is hopeless and he puts her down. He then rides off on his lonely journey from out of despair and into nowhere.
The movie is thus a Western of the traditional sort, with cowboy replaced by trainer and filly replaced by fighter. The action is transferred from the ranch to the city, from the corral to the ring. Unless conservative commentators object to putting down injured horses, they can have no objection to this film. The Academy clearly approves. My job is done (William Wyatt: Projo article 3/1/05).

PADRE POINT: Let's see if all the women groups rally against Mr. Wyatt for this...absolutely degrading and absurd to compare a lady fighter to an injured horse needing to be down...time for Mr. Wyatt to ride off into the sunset!

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