Friday, March 11, 2005

The Real Million Dollar Baby: A Great Article on another female boxer...
"...Like the boxer in Million Dollar Baby, Katie Dallam was a Missouri girl who grew up in poverty. In 1996, Katie began boxing. After just two months of training, her trainer urged her into a professional match and Katie stepped into the ring with a far more experienced boxer. By the end of four two-minute rounds, the referee stopped the fight, but it was too late. Katie had received 150 blows to the head and was comatose by the time she reached a hospital. Doctors told Katie’s sister that she “probably wouldn’t make it, and, if she did, would most likely be a vegetable.”
But Katie survived....Unable to go back to her counseling job, Katie took up an earlier interest and began painting again..."

Padre Point: This is why we repect all human life from conception to NATURAL DEATH!

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