Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rev. Raymond F. Collins: Read this one sitting down!
(Below is his letter to the editor of the Providence Visitor)

"Father Michael McMahon's affirmation that, "Like it or not, Jesus washed the feet of his male apostles, he did not wash the feet of the Blessed Mother nor Mary Magdalene," (The Providence Visitor, Feb. 24) adds an important element to the discussion on the Holy Thursday foot-washing ritual. The ritual recalls the event narrated in the Gospel according to John (Jn 13:1-15), the third scriptural reading for the feast. The evangelist affirms that Jesus "began to wash the disciples' feet" (Jn 13:5). This Gospel passage does not affirm that Jesus washed the apostles' feet nor does it affirm that either of the two Marys was excluded from the foot-washing. It is highly unlikely that the evangelist thought that Jesus did not wash the feet of the "Beloved Disciple" who reclined beside Jesus (Jn 13:22-26) simply because the "Beloved Disciple" was not one of the Twelve Apostles. I have taught the New Testament and, to some lesser extent, early Christian literature in Catholic universities for more than 35 years, but I do not know of any ancient text that can be cited in support of Father McMahon's affirmation. Other than the aforementioned passage (Jn 13:1-15), the incident does not appear in any New Testament text.
(Father Raymond F. Collins: Warren-Blanding Professor of ReligionProfessor of New Testament: The Catholic University of AmericaWashington)."

PADRE POINT: See what Fr. Ray Collins is doing?
First, state the Beloved Disciple is not one of the Apostles (St. John), then you have others at the Last Supper who had their feet washed. Secondly, state Mary and Mary Magdalene could possibly have had their feet washed, since non Apostles supposedly did. Finally, we are led to the conclusion that women were at the Last Supper and since that is when the Eucharist and Priesthood were instituted...women can be ordained priests...see why VOTF love these types!
Always a hidden agenda! Too much time reading DaVinci Code!

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