Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Schiavo dies at age 41 after 13 days of starvation

"Brother Paul O’Donnell, an adviser to the Schindlers, said the parents and their two other children “were denied access at the moment of her death. They’ve been requesting, as you know, for the last hour to try to be in there and they were denied access by Michael Schiavo. They are in there now, praying at her bedside.”
Another Schindler adviser, the Rev. Frank Pavone, added that "and so his heartless cruelty continues until this very last moment ... This is not only a death, with all the sadness that brings, but this is a killing, and for that we not only grieve that Terri has passed but we grieve that our nation has allowed such an atrocity as this and we pray that it will never happen again.”

PADRE POINT: Terri was certainly prepared to meet the Lord, as priests administered the Last Rites...the question for this nation is are we prepared to meet the Lord...we better pray this Sunday for DIVINE MERCY!

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