Friday, April 22, 2005

Cafeteria is closed Charlie!!!

Charles Curran is running his mouth again...but he is wasting the little breath he has left!
The following excerpt is from an article in the LA Times: "A Catholic Call for Dissent"
"...In the summer of 1986, the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, under then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the powerful enforcer of doctrinal orthodoxy around the world, concluded a seven-year investigation of my writings. Pope John Paul II approved the finding that "one who dissents from the magisterium as you do is not suitable nor eligible to teach Catholic theology." Cardinal Ratzinger — now Pope Benedict XVI — told the Catholic University of America to revoke my license to teach theology because of my "repeated refusal to accept what the church teaches." I was fired. It was the first time an American Catholic theologian had been censured in this way. At issue was my dissent from church teachings on "the indissolubility of consummated sacramental marriage, abortion, euthanasia, masturbation, artificial contraception, premarital intercourse and homosexual acts..."

PADRE POINT: Curran is the best proof that the Church is Divinely Constituted...left to 'theologians' like himself, it would have collapsed long ago...thanks be to God for the hierarchical structure of the Church!

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