Thursday, April 21, 2005

A HUMBLE PROPOSAL: REMOVE this 'theologian' from Marquette (Jesuit) University
(as a Planned Parenthood Clergy Advisory Board Member, he participated in the Milwaukee Pro-Choice Coalition celebration of reproductive choice on June 24, pictured here).
Dr. Daniel Maguire's (former Jesuit) article, A Papacy's 25 Years of Unfulfilled Potential (READ HERE), is an absolute disgrace and scandal to the Church.
Here's a segment of his trash:
"Two areas especially signaled his (John Paul II) inadequacy as a world moral leader: his demeaning view of half the human race — women — and his obsessive concern with what can be called pelvic orthodoxy."

PADRE POINT: Marquette needs to do some spring cleaning...EMAIL Marquette and give them some cleaning tips...starting with ol' Danny boy! For the record, JohnPaul II THE GREAT served as Pope for 26 years...but maybe Dan is as bad at numbers as he is moral theology!

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