Saturday, May 14, 2005

AWESOME ARTICLE: Using this in my homily for Pentecost!
Fritz Wenisch wrote a great article in the Prov. Journal on the Church as a guardian of Truth by using the follwoing analogy:

"...You are in a group of survivors of an airplane crash in the wilderness. The weather is predicted to turn cold in two or three days, and all of you will freeze to death unless you are rescued soon. Frantic efforts are made to contact someone -- anyone -- through a portable radio transmitter, to no avail. After the first night, however, two people claim to have reached an aviation tower at an airfield on a nearby island and received word that a three-hour walk into a northeasterly direction will lead to a shore point to which a rescue vessel has been dispatched.
A caravan of people ensues. Two hours into the trek, however, following complaints about how difficult the path has become, the two guides assert that the original message recommended a northwesterly direction; the caravan changes course. Half an hour later, after new complaints, the leaders announce that the boat is to be reached in the southeast, and the procession makes a 180 degree turn. The zigzagging continues. How long will it take you to realize that the self-appointed guides likely never did receive a genuine message?...(FULL ARTICLE HERE)"

Pentecost Homily at Padre's Pulpit

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