Saturday, May 28, 2005

DREAM INTERPRETATION?...Just call me Daniel!
RI Abortionist, 'Dr.' Pablo Rodriguez had nearly died and yesterday in the Rhode Island Convention Center ballroom 200 people rose to their feet to honor Rodriguez since the February car crash...PABLO stated in the Prov. Journal today..."I was out for three weeks. I had no idea that I had an accident because it was so sudden. I woke up because my wife was arguing with me, because she was trying to suction me. I was angry with her because she was trying to suction me, and that's when I woke up and realized I was in the intensive-care unit, and she had to tell me slowly what had happened."

PADRE POINT: Perhaps the 'suction' feeling was God's way of saying, now you know how my unborn children feel as you suction their life out of the womb! Pablo, you have been given a second chance in this life (as many, including myself prayed for your well being & conversion)...change your ways so innocent life may live and not die at your hands anymore!

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