Thursday, June 09, 2005

"Honk if U Love Babies!" : What the media will never report, a young lady did!
"Last weekend I participated in a walkathon that raised money for the Father Marrot CYO Center and a pro-life organization...
...A little concerned though I was, I dutifully arrived at the Father Marrot CYO Center with the money I'd managed to raise. More and more people began to arrive, some with signs that said things like, "Honk if U Love Babies!" I worried, would that just provoke some of the less mature indivuals we pass? We began our 4.2 mile walk to Resurrection Cemetery without incident. But almost instantly we heard the horns and saw the smiles. Motorists cheered us on with grins on their faces. I was certainly surprised. The general media had caused me to assume that most Americans supported the evil we were marching to protest...
...One Saturday CYO walkathon taught me several things, the least of which was to not give up our protest of abortion. My thoughts prior to doing the walk were that the laws would never change and that no one would ever see the logical moral side of the issue. But now, I've gained great encouragement to keep fighting. Not everyone supports abortion; many see how wrong it truly is. All those working to end abortion should take heart at the sound of the people who were not interviewed when polls were taken who blew their horns in support of a cause they knew was right." Hope Franklin writes from Lincoln, RI
(above is edited for space, FULL ARTICLE HERE in Valley Breeze)

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