Wednesday, June 08, 2005


"OTTAWA (Reuters) - Nine North American Catholic women will be ordained priests or deacons next month in what will amount to a test of Pope Benedict's determination to enforce the Vatican's ban on women's ordination. The July 25 ceremony will take place on a boat on the St. Lawrence River in a bid to be in international waters, the coordinator said on Tuesday, though the U.S.-Canadian border actually goes down the middle of the river. In a further challenge to Vatican orthodoxy, the women may be married, divorced or remarried -- "as long as they're in a stable relationship or are a stable person," said U.S. activist Judith Johnson, who is organizing the ordination.

PADRE POINT: Imagine...they are doing this before Oct 31st...they could have at least waited for Halloween before they dressed up! THIS SHIP WILL SINK!

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