Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"...Nine women were "ordained" as Roman Catholic priests and deacons on a riverboat that sailed down the St. Lawrence River yesterday, defying the Vatican, which considers such ceremonies invalid...risking excommunication from the church for their actions.
American Dana Reynolds, who was ordained as a deacon, said she plans to move forward with her work despite what the church does...She says she does not fear excommunication, which would mean the church would refuse to grant her communion. "It's a man-made law, it's a punishment. But I am a Catholic in my heart and my soul. I think of it as a little slap on my hand," she said. "I believe it is an unjust law to deny the eucharist."
Many of the women being ordained yesterday were married, some were divorced.

PADRE POINT: The slap on the hand is nothing compared to what's coming on the other side of the grave! Excommunicated = out of communion with Church and her spouse, Christ.

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