Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Parish moves to protect monument to unborn child
"BRISTOL (RI): " The words are engraved in stone: "In Loving Memory of All Innocent Victims of Abortion."
Since May, the monument with the pro-life message has been knocked over seven times.
"When it's the seventh time, I question whether this is some sort of desecration or hate crime," said the church pastor, Father Henry Zinno. "When it's constant, obviously someone is making an effort to knock it down. By the seventh time there is a clear message." The pastor has called the police. He's asked the church's 1,600 families to pay close attention as they drive by. And he had metal bars installed on the front and back of the stone memorial. And still, the 4-foot monument that has been blessed by the bishop keeps being knocked to the ground. "We keep putting it back up and calling the police," Zinno said, adding that it takes three or four men to lift it each time. "There's not much we can do." But when Zinno found the stone rectangle lying on its side this weekend, he knew something more had to be done. "Every time something like this happens, we announce it to parishioners," he said. "People got pretty upset about it." The church has decided to put up motion detector lights. And a parishioner agreed to put iron rods into the monument to make it impossible to move. For most of the five years the monument has stood in front of 127 State St., there haven't been any problems, Zinno said. "In my 14 years here, something like this has never happened," he said. "It took us all by surprise (Projo.com)."

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