Saturday, July 23, 2005

The End Does Not Justify the Means: Good article at Catholic Exchange
"...The most frightening aspect of the moral relativism that governed Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union was the willingness to sacrifice a few for the greater good, a good the architects of the sacrifice failed miserably to achieve. In their quest for utopia, however, the sacrificed few turned out to be millions.
In this country we have been witnessing for over 30 years the sacrifice of human life in its fetal stage to the moral relativism that claims that that sacrifice is somehow justified. It, too, has taken its toll in millions. Those of us who recognize the sacrifice for what it is call it "murder." The moral relativists call it "choice," and babble on about how much better our "quality of life" is without all those "unwanted" children. They deceive themselves while trying to convince the rest of us that there is no such thing as moral truth. Sometimes they succeed..."

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