Monday, July 25, 2005

Phoenix Diocese lowers age of confirmation to age 8
"...With data showing as many as 60 percent of teens not being confirmed, the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix has announced it is lowering the age for confirmation, now typically 16, to third grade (ages 8 and 9) in a gradual process that will take three years to implement..."

PADRE POINT: Noticed a similiar article in the National Catholic Register this week. I've been thinking of both sides of the issue here:
ON ONE HAND... Receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit to witness to the Faith at a younger age.
ON THE OTHER HAND...How will we keep them in Church after 3rd grade and further more, how will you ever teach them moral theology (Chastity, Life issues, etc..).

ONLY HAVE 2 HANDS SO... maybe the key is to lower the age to 7th or 8th grade instead...old enough for serious morality talks and also make good witnesses for the faith at a young age...could be a hot topic for the future!

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