Friday, July 08, 2005

Vance Morgan, philosophy professor at Providence College, defended Rabbi Rosenberg against Rev. Suriani in our local state 'fishpaper', the Providence Journal.
RABBI ROSENBERG...his ideology
"...I am saddened that a man (John Paul II) of such immense stature limited his notion of the faithful to those who can glory in the certainty of revealed truth. I would suggest that there are many paths that lead to God, many ways of walking in faith (Rabbi Rosenberg on JPII)

"I also vigorously disagree with him on what I consider his hard-line view on abortion and end-of-life issues, and issues of homosexuality (Rabbi Rosenberg on JP II)."

Rev. Ray Suriani wrote a good piece to counter the Rabbi's erroneous piece HERE

leave it to the 'Catholic' university professor, Vance Morgan, to defend the Rabbi not the priest. (wrote another ridiculous piece before as well: HERE)

In his June 27 letter, ("No wrestling needed to find some truths"), the Rev. Raymond Suriani uncharitably and inaccurately calls Rabbi James Rosenberg a relativist, because the rabbi had the audacity in a recent Projo commentary ("Wrestling with God for a hint of truth," June 6) to suggest that the human pursuit of truth is far more nuanced, dynamic, and fraught with uncertainty than Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI have claimed...To summarily dismiss this ennobling struggle as "relativism," while assuming that one's own collection of absolutes is so reflective of the mind of God that it is immune from testing and challenge, is hubris of breathtaking proportions (Vance Morgan, July 8, Projo.com)."

PADRE POINT: Vance, the key is, Rev. Suriani never assumed his own collection of absolutes reflect the mind of God...BECAUSE, it isn't HIS own collection, but rather Christ's teachings communicated through his Church...maybe the philosophy professor should take a few Theology courses this summer!!! St. Thomas Aquinas....pray for us!

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