Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Auxiliary Thomas J. Gumbleton still leading the flock astray...How wrong that is!
"...If we reflect on the humanness of Jesus, I think, it's much easier for us, in a way, to connect with him than if we just think about his divinity. Yes, as God he could heal in a second. He could change everything. But he's also human. So if we're going to gradually become more like him, we're going to have to connect with his humanness and grow and change as he did. That's exactly what happened on that occasion (see Canaanite woma in Mt 15:21-28). He changed. He was converted. You may find that almost impossible to believe, but remember Luke said in his Gospel that Jesus grew in age, wisdom and grace...In the church we face a terrible crisis right now. You know our parish is in danger of being closed by the end of this year...women, who are saying, "I have a vocation! I am called by God!" And they have the talent and the training and the ability to minister. Well, we live in the church or part of the church that refuses to be open, to listen, to the women in our midst. How wrong that is! And we build it right into our church law, which could be changed. One of the reasons women aren't listened to is because no woman has any office in the church. The only reason a woman can't have an office in the church, why a woman could not be a cardinal, for example, help to elect the Pope, is because we made laws -- the men in the church made laws -- that make that impossible. The law, the canon law of the church says, "Only an ordained person can hold office." Then we say only men can be ordained, and so only men can hold office. How wrong that is!

PADRE POINT: Talk about twisting the Gospel to fit your own agenda! Honestly, if there was ever proof that the Church is divinely instituted it is in cases like this...no WHO is a bishop and WHAT garbage is fed to the flock, the CHURCH will prevail! Maybe Gumbleton can petition Rome for a new feast in light of the Gospel of the Canaanite woman...THE CONVERSION of JESUS?

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